Package org.viewaframework.view

Interface Summary
ComponentsAware This interface helps ViewContainer to handle visual components in an easy way.
ViewAware This interface is intented to be used for those classes that are going to host views.
ViewContainer This class it is the container of all graphical components.
ViewManager This interface should be implemented by classes used for managing several views.

Views can be added to the manager and then re-arranged before it can be shown.

Class Summary
AbstractViewContainer This is a default abstract implementation of a ViewContainer.
AbstractViewContainerDialog This kind of view is shown as a javax.swing.JDialog window.
AbstractViewContainerTray This class creates a tray icon in the system tray.
AbstractViewManager A default implementation of View Manager.
DefaultViewContainer This is a helper class.
DefaultViewManager The default implementation of the AbstractViewManager.
ViewContainerLocator<T> This class helps to find a given view container by its name

Exception Summary
ViewException This class will be thrown anytime something goes wrong in a view related process.
ViewManagerException This class will be thrown anytime something goes wrong in the ViewManager processes.

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