Package org.viewaframework.util

Interface Summary
ChildResourceBundleAware This interface enables LastModifiedControl to have a parent ResourceBundle

Class Summary
BeanUtils When this class becomes greater then it should be replaced by the Apache BeanUtils dependency
ButtonTabComponent Component to be used as tabComponent; Contains a JLabel to show the text and a JButton to close the tab it belongs to
ChildResourceBundle This resource bundle can set its parent through its constructor
ClassPathURLHandler This class handles url's having "classpath" as possible protocol.
LastModifiedControl This class tells the resource bundle loader how to handle it.
SplashStatus This class is a holder for the splash screen current status
ViewActionDescriptorExpressionsHandler This class translates simple xpath expressions into xml.
ViewActionDescriptorFileHandler This class parses the menu.xml files to a Document object.
ViewActionDescriptorNoTextButton This fake button is used by ActionDescriptorDelegator for hiding text in the tool bar buttons.
ViewTrayIcon This is a extended implementation of the java.awt.TrayIcon implementation.
ViewTrayIconBuilder This class is responsible for building the right and left JPopupMenu from the TrayIcon depending on the menu.xml file from the tray icon's view.
ViewTrayIconUtil This class helps the tray icon to get the right "Y" coordinate depending on the operating system.

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