Package org.viewaframework.core

Interface Summary
Application This is the entry point of any application.
ApplicationAware This interface should be implemented for those classes that want to be connected to the lifecycle of the application.
ApplicationContext This interface represents an Application scope.
ApplicationContextAware This interface allows Application to have a context.
ApplicationLauncher This is the launcher of the Application.
MessageAware This interface enables text messaging

Class Summary
AbstractApplication This is a default implementation of an Application which has a ViewControllerDispatcher as well as a ViewManager.
AbstractApplicationLauncher This is the launcher of the Application.
DefaultApplication A default application implementation has a DefaultViewContainerFrame as a ROOT_VIEW
DefaultApplicationContext This class is a basic implementation of the ApplicationContext
DefaultApplicationLauncher This is the launcher of the Application.

Exception Summary
ApplicationContextException This type of exception will be thrown when someone tries to set an ApplicationContext when a previous one has been already set up.
ApplicationException This exception means the abnormal termination of the application

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