Desktop Application Framework
Last Published: Oct 19, 2011  | Version: 1.0.7

About Viewa

Viewa is a framework made for creating Java desktop applications using Swing. It tries to separate the model-view-controller layers of a given application to make the application development easier.

  • To write as few lines of code as you can
  • The framework is web inspired: Right now the most important area of developing is the web,why don't use that experience in desktop development?
  • Reusability: Many things in Viewa can be shared between views
  • Easy internationalization: Viewa accomplish this requirement in an easy way.

Getting started

To get started, download Viewa and read the tutorials page. You can download the Viewa manual from sourceforge (English and Spanish translations are available).

Check out the Wiki!!

From version 1.0.7 we have a brand new wiki to keep documentation updated more often.

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